Robb La Velle.

Photographer, Traveler.

At the impressionable age of 12, I was indelibly changed by a Christmas present from my parents. It was a voluminous, coffee table collection of deep, glossy photographs from the National Geographic. How I ever managed to get the cash together for the Nikon F3 six months later is still a mystery to me but maybe that's for the better. 

The yearn for all things foreign was injected from the households of friends around the corner. Manhattan-artsy-intelligentsia with cocoa from Holland, posters urging "Atomwaffen? Nein Danke" and exchange students from Sweden sparked the earliest impulses.

Six Nikons and 84 countries later, I'm still on a roll. The cameras are now digital and the airfare is picked up by someone else, but the urge to roam remains stronger than ever. Reaching its pinnacle with a three month motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to Istanbul in 2000 and an epic seven month ride around the world in 2008, the source of many of these photographs, those life changing experiences only doused fuel on my desire for more. There are still 111 countries left to roam and ample pages in my dirty old passport. 

And so, onward. 

Robb La Velle - San Francisco, 2013

Balochistan, Pakistan

Balochistan, Pakistan

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